501c Solutions provides fund-raising and communications consulting services for not-for-profit organizations.
Serving small colleges, large universities, membership associations and other not-for-profit organizations,
the staff of 501c Solutions offers decades of experience in counseling organizations
classified under 501(c) of the federal income tax code.

The counsel of 501c Solutions is based on a belief in the simple, but classic approach to fund-raising:
the right person asking the right person for the right amount for the right reason at the right time.
To succeed requires solid, in depth research; clear, effective communications; and creative, thoughtful strategies.
These are the strengths of 501c Solutions in helping organizations succeed.
For more information, contact us at our offices in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

501c Solutions - 2530 Meridian Parkway - Suite 300 - Research Triangle Park, NC 27713
Telephone: 919-806-4758 - E-mail: info@501cSolutions.com

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